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Song Premiere: Jono Manson “The Further Adventures of Goat Boy and the Clown” (feat. Jason Crosby)”

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Jono Manson photo by William Coupon

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jono Manson’s song “The Adventures of Goat Boy and the Clown” (feat. Jason Crosby) from his forthcoming album Stars Enough To Guide Me (Blue Rose), due to be available on March 31.

The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Jono Manson, and mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering. Additional recording was also done by Craig Dreyer, Eric Ambel, Jason Reed, Brian McRae and Clark Hagan.

“The Further Adventures of Goat Boy and the Clown” (feat. Jason Crosby) is Jono Manson on electric guitars and lead vocals; Eric “Roscoe” Ambel on electric and acoustic guitars;
Ronnie Johnson on bass; Jason “Goat Boy” Crosby on piano and harmony vocals; Paul Pearcy on drums and tambourine; Craig Dreyer on tenor and baritone saxophones and horn arrangements; Barry Danielian on trumpet; and Clark Gayton on trombone.  Rock ‘n roll, piano and horns — the perfect combination for these chronicles of road trippin’ troubadours.  Timeless, they could have been gypsies or Bohemians a few decades earlier — rolling on adventures and developing lifelong bonds over them.

As strange as this may sound, ‘The Further Adventures of Goat Boy and the Clown’ is one of the most directly autobiographical songs on my forthcoming album. In early 2020 Jason Crosby and I went on tour in Italy, where I have built a healthy following over several decades as a performer and producer. This was our last touring experience before the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. He and I ARE Goat Boy and the Clown. (It’s a long story, how we got those nicknames, but suffice to say they were well-earned). Although cryptic at times, the lyric directly refers to real-life experiences that we had during that tour, and mentions some of the Italian artists with whom we collaborated along the way; for example, Mandolin Brothers and GANG, two groups for whom I have produced multiple albums over the years. The last verse of the song even describes the close-call car accident that we had in Torino, which could’ve been much much worse. But, we got out unscathed, and onward we rode! Jason, of course, plays and sings on the track and I also enlisted the services of two other long-time collaborators; the great Eric “Roscoe” Ambel on lead guitar, and my old bandmate Craig Dreyer who led the killer horn section on this track. — Jono Manson

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“The Further Adventures of Goat Boy and the Clown” (feat. Jason Crosby)

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