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REVIEW: Lynne Harrison “Treasure”


Lynn Harrison – Treasure

Without making Lynn Harrison sound retro she is a genuine throwback to the days when sophisticated folk singer-songwriters were proliferating in the 60s & early 70s (Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Jennifer Warnes). Her showcase is thoroughly modern & her vocals are always genuine with rich washes of melody in each tune.

The Toronto-based artist releases her 7th solo CD Treasure (Feb 25–Independent) produced by Douglas September (also a Canadian recording artist & poetic songwriter). Twelve songs about varied topics including staying sane in a troubled world, facing changes with optimism, determination & mature perspectives with inspirational additives.

Lynne Harrison

And, without getting too spiritual her songs can be an experience because Ms. Harrison touches upon poignant subjects with delicacy & saveur lyrical lines.

In “Let’s Talk To Each Other Like Trees,” sounds silly but it’s an intense little tune constructed by a superior imagination with lucid songwriting skills. Very clever tune. Each song has its pinch of drama without getting too indulgent. Lynn’s vocals are always pristine & her fingerpicked guitar has clarity.

Songs like “I Know It When I See It,” are no less than lovely. A song about writer’s block & how anything can be applied that needs to be fully realized. Ms. Harrison’s creativity extends to her song titles since she isn’t inclined to repeat what’s already been done, or even tip her big toe into a stream of cliches.


She goes upbeat in a folk-country manner in the fun-to-sing “Me & My Swinging Mood,” which is quite an optimistic song. A hand-clapper & toe-tapper (if we were in the old days). It’s obvious Ms. Harrison could befriend & sing with people like Dolly Parton, Reba McIntyre, Bonnie Raitt, or even an old-timer like Minnie Pearl. That’s quite a stretch.

In a word, this album will put you in a good mood if you’re not. Better than medicine. Better than booze. Better than lying around with the blue devils. There are no side effects to a good listen. Lynn Harrison always provides significance to her music when she takes their simple words & melodies & projects them with her ever-smooth, effortless voice.

Lynn’s not a confectionary pop singer – her voice commands listening because it’s a voice that always has poignancy. And she says what she has to say eloquently. That’s her signature. Her new CD with its natural forest image reflects the music contained & the 6-panel package has the lyrics.

Lynne Harrison

Highlights – “Punctuation,” “This Quiet Life,” “Let’s Talk To Each Other Like Trees,” “I Know It When I See It,” “Me & My Swinging Mood,” “Holding It Together (While the World Falls Apart),” “Help Me Do The Next Right Thing,” & “Good Songs.”

Musicians – Lynn (vocals/acoustic guitar/electric solo on “Fine, Not Fine”), Bob Cohen (acoustic guitar/electric guitars/ukelele/banjo/mandolin/tambourine/textures), Douglas September (pedal steel guitar/treatments), David Woodhead (electric bass) & Ambrose Pottie (drums).

CD color image courtesy of Lynn Harrison & her Facebook. CD @



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