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Video Premiere: Lynn Miles “Johnny Without June”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Lynn Miles’ song “Johnny Without June,” from her forthcoming new album, TumbleWeedyWorld, coming out March 17 via True North Records. The album was produced by Lynn Miles and Dave Draves, and mixed, engineered and mastered by Dave Draves. 

Notably, this song is  premiering on the anniversary of Johnny Cash and June Carter’s wedding, and within a few days of Johnny Cash’s birthday.

Musicians on the song are Miles on vocals, rhythm guitar and harmony vocals; Michael Ball on stand up bass; Joey Wright on mandolin and acoustic guitar; Stuart Rutherford on dobro; Rob McLaren on banjo; and James Stephens on violin.  

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash left indelible impressions on the hearts of music fans across the country, both in terms of their music and the love they shared.  Lynn Miles creates a beautiful, impassioned tribute to them here in this song in their honor. Enjoy the song against the backdrop of this lyric video featuring their faded photo.  

I’d give anything to turn back time
I’d give anything to walk the line
To join you on that funeral pyre
To go down in that ring of fire

These are songs that arrive at a moment when global instability illuminated the fragility of personal relationships. They’re about impermanence; about the leaving and the left behind. — Lynn Miles

You can find more information and purchase the music here:


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