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Song Premiere: Martha Groves Perry “Blessed Avalanche”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Martha Groves Perry’s song “Blessed Avalanche” from her forthcoming album Call Out, due to be released on April 21.  The album was produced by Kenny Schick at Basement3Productions. This single will be available on February 17.

“Blessed Avalanche” is Martha Groves Perry on vocals, cello, acoustic guitar and backing vocals. All other instruments and backing vocals on the song are by Kenny Schick; with additional backing vocals by Sabiné Heusler-Schick.  Groves Perry sets up a great groove as the stack of dishes crashes to the floor, opening the song that captures the frustration that seems to lurk despite our highest hopes.  A novel song idea that points to something unfortunately all too common — the world crashing down around us out of our control. 

The jagged, crunchy, southern rock groove in “Blessed Avalanche” speaks eloquently about not carrying sh*t around and trying to be strong when you really need to put stuff down. Having worked in restaurants, I know how oddly satisfying the sound of breaking dishes can be, and it seemed an apt and amusing metaphor for what happens when it all gets to be a bit too much and then comes crashing down. This song’s groove reflects one direction my music is going: involving at least one electric guitar and a good overdrive pedal. — Martha Groves Perry

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