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REVIEW: Atwater Collective “Blood Moon”


Atwater Collective has a new album out, Blood Moon, which was produced by Brian Dobbs. Blood Moon offers a range of emotions with the smokey underpinnings of vocals by Mary Grace in the surroundings of folksy, blues Americana arrangements.

The group is primarily a trio: songwriter Vince Green (Atwater Ramblers and The Domino Brothers),  Bryan Dobbs (Ne’er Duwels and Celtic Pink Floyd) is on guitar, bass, keyboards and mandolin; and Mary Grace (Celtic Pink Floyd) is the lead and harmony vocalist.

The title track has an alluring piano set-up and a sultry vocal delivery: “Let our darkness go, let our anger disappear.”

“Lady G” is a folksier, upbeat number with water drips and percussion clicks and banjo and an old-time musical tale including grandpas, Sunday bests and birthday suits, and “Ohhhhh Lady Godiva.”

“Homesick Blues” opens with chilling keys, and Mary Grace again in her downbeat, sultry vocal delivery, in a tale about chasing the almighty dollar and times when you might not be able to go home, “when things get hairy we go home .. got the homesick blues with no way out.”

Early released single “Lion In. Winter” addresses mortality, words you can’t take back, waiting in the cold, and aging, all with a honky tonk style.  This introspective song is trimmed with catchy harmonies and a traditional feel.  “There was a time when you turned heads whenever you walked past, and now you’re invisible…”

All songs on the album were arranged and produced by Brian Dobbs. Additional musicians on the album are Becky Lee Walters on vocals and harmonies; Brett Anderson on harmony vocals; Dave Raven on drums and suitcase; Ward Poulos on drums; and Jesse Olema on violin.

Find the band’s music here:

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