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REVIEW: The Atwater Collective “Songs From the Quarantine”


The Atwater Collective has a new release, Songs From the Quarantine. The group is a trio: Vince Green (Atwater Ramblers and The Domino Brothers), is on vocals and mandolin; Bryan Dobbs (Ne’er Duwels and Celtic Pink Floyd) is on guitar, bass and mandolin; and Mary Grace (Something About Mary and Celtic Pink Floyd) is the lead vocalist.   The album also includes Elle Spencer-Lewis;
Dave Raven on drums; Rachel Grace on violin and viola; and Pat D’Arcy on Uilleann Pipes, whistle, and Bodhran.

Songs From the Quarantine was produced by Bryan Dobbs at Motorcycle Cat Studios courtesy of Skippy Dance Music.

“Third and Figueroa” is rich with dual vocal harmonies that are flinty as they resonate together.

“Burning Man” is a snappy alt country number that’ll have your toes tapping.   “Died on the Vine” tells more of a sad story with plenty of steel country sounds.  

“Watch It Unravel” opens like it is going tells a Western story, but veers to tall a contemporary story of protests and cops.  It has a dark, moving energy.  “Pulling on the stitch that makes us one.  Watch it unravel in the evening sun.”  Brilliant.  

“Catch a Falling Knife” has a Celtic flair and compelling strings.  “Santa Got Covid” is a whimsical song perhaps just right for both the times and the season.  

“Kansas Night” has you longing for the sweltering summer when the breeze comes. 

The whole album is a bright and shiny Americana gem.  Give this group a listen.   Catch their music here:

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