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Song Premiere and Interview: George Shingleton “Glorybound (Redux)”

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George Shingleton — “Glorybound (Redux)”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of George Shingleton’s song “Glorybound (Redux)” from his forthcoming album Shot or Two, which is due to be released on January 27 via Rock Ridge Music.

“Glorybound (Redux)” was written by George Shingleton and Dave Pahanish.  This recording is George Shingleton on vocals; Dave Pahanish on acoustic guitar; Shane Sanders on lead electric guitar; Mike Vargo on bass; Tony Dicello on drums; Jefferson Crow on keys; and Smith Curry on pedal steel guitar.

We had a chance to chat briefly with George about the song and the album and more.  The song premiere appears just beneath the interview.

Americana Highways: “Glorybound (Redux)” is a great song. What was the inspiration behind it? Why did you write it?

George Shingleton: “Glorybound” was inspired by a few different things, actually. One was a past relationship. A lot of people have been in a relationship with someone else where they felt tied down or held back. It feels so good to be free from a situation like that. You feel alive again, and it gives you a reason to keep pushing in life. You stop feeling held down, and instead feel more “Glorybound.” It was also inspired by the music business in a sense. There are so many of us trying to make our mark with our words and songs. It can be a tough, uphill battle trying to get the right attention from industry folks. You can get lost real quick trying to be an artist that you’re really not, just because someone else wants you to be. That will ultimately tie you down just the same, to where you’re not being you. This song is kind of a “let it all go” anthem, to get on the “Glorybound” side of things.

AH: I understand this is a new version of an older song of yours. Can you tell us about how the song has changed and why you decided to re-record it? What kind of “vibe” were you going for with this song, musically speaking? Did it end up sounding like you imagined it might?

GS: “Glorybound” became so much more on stage after the original recording. We thought we’d try to capture that vibe in the studio, so even if you can’t make it to the show, you might catch the feeling somewhat off the recording. For this “redux” version you are hearing here and which is on the new EP, the core of the song was recorded live in the studio, and that gives it the energy that is more like my stage sound. I think we got as close to that as we could. It’s definitely more rocking!

AH: What do you hope this song conveys to the people who hear it? What do you want them to take away from it?

GS: I really hope and want people to get where the song is coming from, in the aspect of making them understand that they don’t have to stay in that bad relationship, or feel chained down to a job that they get no enjoyment out of. They can change their situation and their path in life to make themselves happier.

AH: Tell us a bit about the EP (Shot or Two) that this song comes from. How does “Glorybound (Redux)” fit in among the other tracks on the collection?

GS: “Glorybound (Redux)” fits this EP very well. A few of the songs talk about being in tight spots, and I think this song is a great way to celebrate coming through those times.

AH: What are your plans for 2023?

GS: I’m gonna do a lot of writing this year, and it looks like we’re gonna be out and about on the road a good bit more in 2023. I’m excited for what’s happening, and I’m gonna keep pushing in the direction we’re headed. Yeah man!

Thanks for sitting down with us, George.  George Shingleton makes music that opens up and turns into a southern rock groove, catchy and charming, with powerful country vocals.

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