Song Premiere: George Shingleton’s “Fire or Flame”

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Americana Highways brings you this track premiere of George Shingleton’s “Fire or Flame” from his upcoming release due later this year. The album was produced by Dave Pahanish.  “Fire or Flame” is George Shingleton on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Shane Sanders on lead electric guitar; Dave Pahanish on rhythm guitar; Rachel Loy on bass; “Cowboy” Eddie Long on pedal steel; Shawn Fichter on drums; Jefferson Crow on piano and organ; with backing vocals courtesy of Dave Pahanish, Matt Moon, Kristin Lee Pahanish, and Shawn Mayer.

With classic rich Southern accented vocals, George Shingleton’s work will regale you.  There’s plenty of emotional buildup, classic country guitar rhythms and pedal steel to float your country music boat.

A fire will burn a long time as compared to a flame that will blow out with a small gust of wind. Relationships can be the same way sometimes, especially in the beginning. There is always the question of whether or not the other person feels the same you do. It’s hard to give your time and love to another person if it’s not reciprocated. That’s where the idea came from. My co-writer and producer, Dave Pahanish, and I got together, and the song seemed to take shape around the idea quickly. I had somewhat of a melody already, and it clicked with the first few lyrics right off, so the rest of it came out fast. That doesn’t always happen. Dave had the idea for the right studio musicians on this song, so going to the studio with it was actually simple. We basically recorded all the rhythm tracks in one day at Black River Studios here in Nashville, with Shane Sanders on electric guitar, Rachel Loy on bass guitar, and Shawn Fichter on drums. I played acoustic rhythm that same day also. The recording process was great with these folks. They knew exactly how to get what we were trying get out of the song for the sound. — George Shingleton


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