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Video Premiere: Pat Guadagno “Chimes of Freedom”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Pat Guadagno’s version of Bob Dylan‘s song “Chimes of Freedom” from Pat’s forthcoming album 1964.  The album was produced by Pat Guadagno; recorded at Sonoma Beach, Clark NJ by Gary Oleyar; and mixed and mastered at Society Hill by Phil Ludwig.

“Chimes of Freedom” is Pat Guadagno on vocals and acoustic guitar; and Alex Jenkins on contra bass.

The video was filmed at ‘The Church’ of Tuli & Tommy Granger.  It was directed by George McMorrow with assistance by Gregg Johnson and Mason Stelfox.  This version of the song is presented in a flowing, emotionally resonant manner, which results in an excellent interpretation of a classic song.  Any person taking on the task of covering a Dylan song can’t imitate it too closely for fear of sounding pale, and Pat Guadagno has successfully placed a warm spin on the song, bringing it a lovely and poignant freshness.

I have had close, friends criminally charged and wrongfully incarcerated. With the utmost respect for our less than perfect, but better than the rest, judicial system, I joined an arduous, impassioned struggle to clear their names, which ultimately failed.

Every verse of this song speaks to someone. From the “Warrior whose Strength is not to Fight,” to the “Lonesome Hearted Lover with too Personal a Tale,” to “Each Unharmful Gentle Soul misplaced inside a Jail.”

We chose ‘The Church’ to film this video because it’s where Tommy G takes old cars and motorcycles to make them whole again. It works on old Folksingers too.  — Pat Guadagno

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