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REVIEW: The Morning Yells “Moonlight Mountain Bungalow”


The Morning Yells have a new album, Moonlight Mountain Bungalow, with Sara Watkins on fiddle.  The band produced the album.  It was recorded by Phil Stancil and the Morning Yells, and mixed and mastered by Billy Klein.   The recording for the songs on the album took place in the snow covered Big Bear mountain in California.  

“Mercy Killin’ is a bit of a dark song of endings, shuffly rhythms and delightful fiddle in layers.   “You Were Mine” again launches with heady fiddle and steps down to a sober song about the one who ran off, and the one who stuck around.  “Jagged Blue” takes another mournful turn, this time with Laura Stancil taking the lead vocals, paying homage to the one she could always look up to, and then a sexy groove kicks in.  

“My Girls” sounds a lot like a 60s folk song in both the vocal tone and the arrangement, and was written as a lullaby for Phil Stancil’s young daughter — and the vocal harmonies on this one between sister and brother Phil and Laura Stancil are thrilling.

“These Days” evidences why The Morning Yells call themselves a rock band sometimes — although it’s a country rock, folk rock song, it’ll carry you away.  

Moonlight Mountain Bungalow is folksy country rock with a rich sound and songs that are memorable and pretty. 

Musicians on the album are Phil Stancil on vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums; Laura Stancil on vocals, bass, and keyboard; Trevor Smith on vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, and drums; Jacob Boll on vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard, lap steel, drums, air organ; and Sara Watkins on fiddle.

Find the music and more information including tour dates, here:

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Cover photo by James Dierx
Cover artwork and editing by Jacob Boll

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