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REVIEW: Tim Easton “North American Songwriter Vols 1 & 2”


Tim Easton — North American Songwriter Vols 1 & 2

North American Songwriter Vols 1 & 2 is the new double volume album created by Tim Easton, scheduled for release on January 13.  Any Americana music fan already knows exactly who Tim Easton is, but even so, and if you haven’t listened in a minute, this album is a standout for showcasing his songwriting skills and his raw, gritty, open and easy delivery.  Easton polled his fans’ favorites for this collection, and sequenced the songs to lead you step by step all the way down the alluring path.

“Gallatin Pike Blues” is an acoustic, country blues song with lots of low harmonica and Andrew Jackson down by the river, John Hartford’s gravestone, and a traveler venturing through the lonesome countryside.

“Voice on the Radio” is another bluesy song that hits on a meta level, because it’s a song about the palpable loss of John Prine, but also it Tim’s voice that we are hearing in this song, singing, “calm and sweet and cool and low, voice on the radio helps you cry.” Sing the one about “Paradise.”

“Next To You” is a love song that paints imagery of the authentic foundations of the simplest things that create the most powerful memories in a love affair.

“Scratch the Sky,” originally from his album Exposition, identifies the way we cycle through news dramas than then “drink the amnesia Kool-Aid.”

In “Peace of Mind” a centered Tim Easton reveals he has a profound understanding of how to be human, with “I want you to have the same peace of mind that I wish for myself.”

“Special 20” may be an ode to harmonica, with layers of interpretation in analogy to all manner of things we love in life.

The songs are evolved, emotionally complex and they tell vivid stories.  Here more than ever, Easton displays an easy aura about himself and echoed within the music and the lyrics.  Easy vocals, nimble and flowing acoustic guitar playing, and the emphases in all the right places.



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