Video Premiere: The Snarlin’ Yarns “Pharmacy Girl”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of The Snarlin’ Yarns’ song “Pharmacy Girl,” from their forthcoming album Break Your Heart, due out in September. Break Your Heart was produced and recorded by Bronson Tew at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, MS. “Pharmacy Girl” was written and performed by Jason Barrett-Fox on vocals and guitar; Mara Brown on fiddle; William Pollett on guitar and backing vocals; and Abraham Smith on spoken word.

Ryan Daly created the montage for the video; he’s is a Louisville filmmaker who has directed videos for various artists including Bonnie Prince Billy.  The throwback footage accompaniment heightens the enjoyment of the nostalgic longing and sardonic poetic commentary that marks all of The Snarlin’ Yarn’s new album Break Your Heart.  This song, “Pharmacy Girl,” highlights each of the four band member’s essential contributions like the four directions orient a path to  our fate’s destiny, as it lyrically questions the path we’ve chosen.

A tune that hearkens back to those hot summer months in my little Kansas town where the action took place between lurid romance novels, assorted multicolored endcap-minutiae, and the little, in-store pharmacy at the business end of our local grocery store, “Pharmacy Girl” explores a little bit of the mystery in the mundane, sticking like an ungreased gear into that “what if” moment that almost happens a hundred times when you’re young, that ice-sheet millisecond bounded by awkward longing when facing the looming yaw of definite-forever-aloneness, you almost profess your undying lust for that girl, that clerk, who was just a little too old. “Pharmacy Girl” imagines what might happen if, instead of palming your Claritin D and running back into the heat, you stay and say what you never said. And she’s into it. If only for a while. A fantasy that can’t but end poorly, this song attempts to exorcise those pubescent ghosts and reconcile the hard reality that longing doesn’t end with youth — Jason Barrett-Fox 

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