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REVIEW: Gabe Lee “Hometown Kid”


Gabe Lee has a new album just recently out, Hometown Kid.  The album was produced by David Dorn, Gabe Lee, and Alex Torrez; engineered by Caleb Fisher; mixed by Caleb Fisher and Ross Touchette.

There’s a lot of heartache here in this album, and it’s at a high level of songwriting — gut wrenching, complex, dark, and honest.

“Wide Open” unpacks layers of glory and a story of homecoming, advice from family, and exploring the landscape with fresh eyes.  “Over You” is heartache and what your thoughts tell you when you’ve gone and done the same thing over again.

“Lucky Stars” picks up the mood, starting with a group meeting, and not wanting to have to share, and those days when we just want to flop on the couch all day.  But it’s a reaction to when she said “I don’t love you anymore.”  But “I count my lucky stars, and thank god for this guitar, not everyone survives a broken heart.”

On “Buffalo Road,”  Lee reaches height of emotion and nostalgia, with tractors, trouble, and a long drive, and confronting a long tendency to leave.  “Rusty” picks up the pace again for some country rock and more exploration of the passage of time “over 20 years ago I made you cry, but it’s all gone now,” and some advice from his mama too.

Gabe Lee offers us authentic twang and reflection on Hometown Kid.  Find out more here:

The album was mastered by Mayfield Mastering.

Musicians on the album are:

Gabe Lee – Guitar / Keys / Vocals

Lucciana Costa – Dobro / Vocals / Lapsteel

Tim Denbo – Bass

Dave Racine – Drums

David Dorn – Piano, Keys

Adam Wakefeild – Piano, Keys

Scotty Murray – Lapsteel

Jason Roller – Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin

Kelly Holloran – Fiddle

Horns – AJ Huang, Nick Arbogast, Micheal Daugherty

Background Vocals – Lucciana Costa , Rachel Coats

Photography – Brooke Stevens

Album Art – Three Crow Creative


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