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REVIEW: Alex Miller “Miller Time”


Alex Miller — Miller Time

If you are a fan of traditional country music, especially the 1980’s-1990’s, then you are going to love Alex Miller’s debut album  Miller Time.  Releasing on Friday, April 29,  Miller Time was recorded at The Gorilla’s Nest, Ashland City, TN. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Chris Latham and mastered by Eric Conn at Independent Mastering in Nashville.  Miller Time is a full length ten song album.  Accompanying Miller on his debut musical journey are Brent Mason (Electric Guitar), Mike Johnson (Steel Guitar), Jason Roller (Acoustic Guitar/Fiddle), Robb Tripp (Drums), Kevin Grantt (Bass), Dirk Johnson (Keyboard), and Jerry Salley (Background vocals)

Alex Miller, a native of Garrard County (Lancaster), Kentucky, stepped on stage during American Idol’s season nineteen at age 17 and stole country music lovers’ hearts across the country.  Even though he did not win, Miller became a household name from the first show, performing his original song (and first single), “I’m Over You, So Get Over Me.”

Miller Time opens up with “Breaking the Bank,” one of the four songs on the album that Miller co-wrote. “Breaking the Bank” is a rousing look at love gone sideways and the financial impacts that come with it. “There’s a hole in my pocket where my money used to be. Oh, my wallet it moved out when you moved in with me.” Miller laments, “Breaking my heart wasn’t good enough for you, so you had to go and spend all my hard earned money too.”

Miller Time features eight original songs and two classic country covers in “Freeborn Man” and Hank Williams’ “I’m Gonna Sing.” “I’m Gonna Sing” closes out the album, and if Miller had not already established his traditional country street creds with the first nine tracks (he definitely does) having the Oak Ridge Boys join him to sing a Hank Williams hymn does it. Ending the album in beautiful fashion and harmony.

The eight songs in between “Breaking the Bank” and “I’m Gonna Sing” are all flag bearers for traditional country music.  Some of the highlights include: my personal favorite, “Boys in Uniform, a somber look at the ‘Boys in Uniform’ first taking the field under Friday night lights, “The locker room grew still, we all bowed our heads to pray before we took the field.  We were the boys in uniform, knew what we were fighting for.  We were strong and we were brave, ready for anything.”  Wearing a different uniform, serving the country.  “M16s in our young hands, we’d shield our eyes and curse the sand that swirled up as the choppers land to take us in to war.” “Boys in Uniform” is a moving tribute to all the boys in uniform, from under the Friday night lights to Veteran’s Day parades.

Miller’s version of “Freeborn Man” is in his own style and as good as any version I have heard.  If you are doing cover songs, I prefer to see an artist take a song and make it their own vs trying to copy the original artist.  Miller hits home runs on both “Freeborn Man” and “I’m Gonna Sing” owning both songs.

Traditional country music is not dead and if Alex Miller has anything to say about it, won’t be for a long time.  Miller Time is a romp and ramble through traditional country music.  The album has something for everyone, whether it is a moving ballad or a rousing ‘burn the joint down’ tune. At eighteen years old, Miller is the self-proclaimed flag bearer of traditional country music, Miller Time waves that flag proudly.  Miller Time is available everywhere on Friday, April 29.  All platforms or direct from Miller’s web site, If you are a fan of traditional country music, it is definitely Miller time!


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