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Video Premiere: Erik Huey “Winona”

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Erik Huey – “Winona”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Erik Huey’s song “Winona,” from his forthcoming album Appalachian Gothic, due to be available on January 20.  Appalachian Gothic was produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel.

“Winona” is Jeremy Chatzky on bass; Kenny Soule on drums; Eric “Roscoe” Ambel on electric guitars, baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, handclaps, and harmonies; and Erik V. Huey on vocals. The video was created by Fahnon Bennett.

This song is an anguished tale of drinkin’ and falling in love, only to find out it’s a little too late. It’s a heartbreak song steeped in a rich, roots rock setup to carry it home perfectly. And the video delivers the story in real context. Nicely done, a rousing song by Erik Huey and a harbinger of more quality music to come on his forthcoming album.

“Winona” is a song about a guy who does an honest day’s work, but when the sun goes down, he goes searching for recreation in the local taverns. There’s not much else to do up in these hills. He falls in with an aimless crowd, but also manages to fall in love with a good woman. For while, he’s got it made. But it can’t last because eventually ‘it’s either love or the bottle in a mining town.’ By the time he works up to the courage to let her know he ‘gave up the brown liquor for her brown eyes,’ she’s had enough. So now he’s stuck in this burned-out town, drunk and lonely, replaying the good times and asking ‘Why Winona? Why, why, Winona?’ — Erik Huey

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