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Song Premiere: Doug Levitt “Edge of Everywhere”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Doug Levitt’s song “Edge of Everywhere,” the title track from his forthcoming album due to be released next year.  Edge of Everywhere was produced by Trina Shoemaker (Brandi Carlile) and Richard Neuberg; recorded by Richard Neuberg; mixed by Trina Shoemaker; engineered by Ryan Avinger.  It was mastered by Garvin Lurssen.

“Edge of Everywhere is Doug Levitt on vocals, piano, Hammond B3, electric and acoustic guitar; David Henry on Hammond B3; Joe Hicks on electric guitar; Corky Hughes on acoustic guitar; Josh Rigal on bass; Trina Shoemaker on percussion; Tim Hillsdon on drums; and Daryl Johnson, Jennifer Hartswick, Hayley Kempsell, and Olivia Drake on harmony vocals.

Doug continues his travels by Greyhound bus, including performances next month at two prisons (one men’s, one women’s) in upstate NY, including at the renowned Attica prison. The BBC is following him on these shows for an upcoming documentary. There is also a personal element to the music, as Doug has found himself also coming to terms with his father’s suicide — with the unexpected help of fellow bus riders.  Bright acoustic strings and soul searching lyrics earmark Doug Levitt’s music as the reflective, sorrowful catharsis we all need this season.  “The hills are all full of stars … I’m out here just living on the edge of everywhere.”

“Edge of Everywhere” is a kind of anthem from the edge, capturing so much of my Greyhound odyssey over these more than 12 years and 120,000 bus miles. It’s a song about defiance and grit in the face of struggle and disparity.

The reality is that by Greyhound — through the many hundreds of one-stoplight towns and vast distances — any so-called edge of ‘nowhere’ is really everywhere, as is a life lived on the edge of survival, in cities and rural communities alike. In that sense, living on the edge — often at the margins of society — is a binding force on the bus, one that transcends differences in race and politics.

To work with Grammy-winning legendary producer Trina Shoemaker, who’s produced records for folks like Brandi Carlile and Josh Ritter, and worked with countless luminaries from Sheryl Crow to Emmylou Harris, was such a fortuitous pairing. She helped bring to life the breadth and hope of this song and the album to come about belonging and connection in the face of uncertainty. — Doug Levitt

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