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Video Premiere: Matthew Davies “Drifting”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Matthew Davies’ song “Drifting,” from his recently released album Skywriter, just out on October 31.  The album was produced by Matthew Davies; recorded and mixed by Shane Hochstetler; and mastered by Carl Saff.

Musicians on “Drifting” are Matthew Davies – vocals, guitar, Wurlitzer, and mellotron; Andrew Koenig on bass; Chad Brothers on guitar; and Hayward Williams on drums.

The video was produced by Jack Westerlund.  Peeking in on live black and white footage of the band recording is a  thrill, along with the relatable song lyrics about drifting in a questionable state.  Drifting is something we all risk as we pin our hopes on other people, but you could also accept it as part of the human condition.  We are all adrift.  That’s what this easygoing song reminds us of.

“Drifting” is a song about being overwhelmed by a force of nature. When resistance is futile sometimes it’s best to release control and ride the waves of life.

We recorded Skywriter live at Howl Street Recordings. Using a PA to amp the vocals we were able to get an organic room sound. This video highlights the recording process. Overdubs on this track were minimal(one Wurlitzer and Mellotron cellos), so what you hear is very much live and alive.  -Matthew Davies

You can order the music and find more information on Matthew’s website, here:



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