Video Premiere: Andrea Magee “Be One”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Andrea Magee’s song “Be One,” produced by Andrea Magee & Dave Scher, and mixed and engineered by Stuart Sullivan. “Be One” is Andrea Magee, Dave Scher, Amanda Darnell, and Michael Davila.

The video was produced by Andrea Magee. The hug cast is: Dave Scher, Maisie & Ella Macdonald, Violet, Lea & Dan, Mark & Jeannie Hopper: Kelly Green & Jace Of Spadesl Cari Hutson St. Marie,  Hunter St. Marie & Hazel; Chris Gage , Christine Albert, Robert Isaacson & Susan Strickland Patterson; Paige DeChauss , Jessica DeChausse Bumgarner, Justin DeChausse, Anna Bonney, George & Donna Reynolds, Rhett Bigham & Deb Smith Bigham, Ingrid Hoffmeister & Jerry Hoffmeister, Noëlle Hampton & Andre Moran, Pat Byrne & Samantha Della Fave, Greg Carter, Theresa St Marie, Joy Gooden & cal, Lola, Hondo (Jesse Duke), Ruby Dice, mr shug & Bouzer, Marilyn Scher & Michael Scher, Austin Ray & Westin Ray.

With ample overflowing footage of hugs, and Magee’s birdsong vocals, the video for “Be One” is a bittersweet vignette right now during pandemic times. Kudos to Andrea Magee for such a warm contribution at just the right time.

A hug is an exchange of energy when 2 people embrace and become one. During this very strange year we are all longing for connection. ‘Be One’ felt like the right song to release during this period in time. Reminding everyone of that vital connection that we all need. We all need love and we all need to support each other through life in many different ways and especially right now. This song was just a gentle reminder of that. — Andrea Magee



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