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Song Premiere: Luke LeBlanc “Slide On Over”

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Luke LeBlanc — “Slide On Over”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Luke LeBlanc’s song “Slide On Over,” from his forthcoming album Fugue State, due to be released on October 28.  Fugue State was produced, engineered, and mixed by Erik Koskinen of Real Phonic Studio in Cleveland, Minnesota.  The album was mastered by Tom Garneau.

“Slide On Over” is Luke LeBlanc on electric guitar; Erik Koskinen on bass and electric guitar; Erin Bekkers on drums; and John Cleve Richardson on backing vocals, organ, and clavinet.  A clarinet is really a soothing style and this song opens with it, then launches into LeBlanc’s heartland rock style vocals and an easy tempo.  “I just want to be like a light shining off the moon… slide on over to you,” sets up a sexy vibe too.  Nice.

I think “Slide on Over” is the perfect fit to kick off the new album, Fugue State. It’s a song with a lot of drive that pushes through in its own style. In the studio, Erik (producer) and I went back and forth on how much gain we should have on my rhythm guitar; in the end we just decided to crank it up and let it go. The song left a lot of space for John Cleve Richardson’s vocals to shine through too. — Luke LeBlanc

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