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Video Premiere: David Starr “Closer To You”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of David Starr’s recently released, brand new song “Closer To You,” which was produced by David Starr and Mark Prentice.  The song was written by David Starr.

“Closer To You” is John Prentice and Dan Dugmore on electric guitars; Matt Bubel on drums; Mark Prentice on bass and keyboards; Michelle Prentice on background vocals;  and Starr on acoustic guitar and vocals.

The video was produced and created by Jason Lee Denton of Solar Cabin Studios.

Is there anything more healing than immersion in nature?  Walking in the mountains and tending a campfire are some of the most viscerally primordially human connections, and both this song and its video harness those elemental experiences.  And then a home is built — settle right there.  “Breathtaking” might be an often-used term, but in this case it accurately applies — the video footage and the song are both breathtakingly inspirational.  “Funny thing about the truth…”

I remember vividly being inspired to write this song. It was a time of new beginnings in Colorado, far from my Arkansas roots. When I originally wrote it, it came from more of a romantic angle; but now it’s taken on a different meaning with more life lived and gratitude for family and kids, and grandkids. It feels hopeful and optimistic.

I love working with Jason Lee Denton on visuals and he knocked it out of the park with this one. He ran with inspiration from some of the lyrics and picked some really beautiful shots of campfires and mountains under the stars. Some of the first lyrics that came to me were while tending to a small campfire as the sun was setting behind the mountain with the sparks rising into the dark. I love that the video keeps that imagery. — David Starr

Find the music here: https://hypeddit.com/davidstarr/closertoyou and catch David at AmericanaFest in Nashville this year.

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