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REVIEW: Dan Navarro “Horizon Line”


Dan Navarro – Horizon Line

I came to the incredible team of Lowen & Navarro years ago. I heard “Cry,” from their LP “Pendulum” & it was exceptional — production, vocalizing & instrumentation. And since, I’ve never been disappointed with anything that read Lowen & Navarro.

I was convinced that with the passing of Eric Lowen I may not hear this kind of music again. But Dan Navarro (vocals/guitars/acoustic, high string & electric guitars/percussion/harmony/Casio SK-1 keyboard) bravely went solo.

It wasn’t always the same as the duo but the intrinsic value was there. This new solo LP was produced by Grammy-winner/percussionist Jim Scott (producer of 6 Lowen & Navarro LPs made with the late Eric Lowen).

Dan Navarro

Dan wanted to recapture some of the magic inherent in those projects with Eric, the intense melodic guitar performances & warmly sung pieces. Recorded at Plyrz Studios in Santa Clarita, CA – the 41-minute Horizon Line (Drops Aug 26–Red Hen) features 10-tracks of optimistic music that sparkle with the tradition of Lowen & Navarro. Impressively.

While songs explore the same subjects, frustrations, emotions, trials & tribulations as many singer-songwriters the highest buffed shine is in the Navarro showcase itself. How the songs are presented, showcased & realized.


The cut “Circling the Drain,” co-written with singer-songwriter Deborah Holland (Animal Logic) who also performs with the American folk group The Refugees (with Cidny Bullens & Wendy Waldman) – finds Mr. Navarro in good, inspired company. A good team. Songs like this don’t have to be complicated or intense. Navarro does have a lean songwriting style but it’s how he adds his compositional trimmings that elevate the simplicity to masterful. Showing the beauty in simple things.

I know it’s not easy to compose something entirely different from the mainstream subjects/topics typical of this kind of music. But if you listen to the song “Cry,” from Lowen & Navarro you’d hear the contrast between typical good pieces & the impact of one that’s simply remarkable.


Standout Cuts on “Horizon Line” include the title cut, “Rose In the Window,” “Hopeful Hearts,” (with Joanna Wallfisch), “Tar Pit,” “Come Around (January’s Child)” & “Sleep Tonight.”

Dan Navarro

Musicians: Steve Postell (electric & acoustic guitars/Spanish solo/harmony), Doug Pettibone (electric 6 & 12 guitars/Regal Resonator solo/pedal steel), Brian Whelan (electric guitar solo/harmony/acoustic piano), Phil Parlapiano (acoustic & electric pianos/Hammond B-3 organ), Peter Adams (electric & acoustic piano/Prophet 6 synth), Carlos Murguia (Hammond B3/harmony), Aubrey Richmond (violin/fiddle/harmony), Taras Prodaniuk (electric bass), Michael Jerome (drums), Mai Leisz (electric bass), Sebastian Steinberg (upright bass), Chris Stills (harmony vocals), Leyla Hoyle (harmony vocals) & Derek Nakamoto (strings).

Portrait image by Jeff Fasano.  Concert image by Melissa Clarke. CD @ https://dannavarro.com/home

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