Tiffany Williams-All Those Days of Drinking Dust

REVIEW: Tiffany Williams “All Those Days of Drinking Dust”


Tiffany Williams – All Those Days of Drinking Dust

Singer-songwriter Tiffany Williams is another authentic Kentucky coalminer’s daughter, granddaughter & great-granddaughter. Not that she sings about coalminers but there’s something special about that lineage through the music she sufficiently displays. All songs on this 10-cut LP were written by Ms. Williams & her special achingly beautiful voice is pure.

All Those Days of Drinking Dust

One of the early cuts “Carletta” is vocally absorbing with the dominant fiddle. Ms. Williams is reminiscent of the longing balladry of Mary Chapin Carpenter (“This Shirt”) & Heather Nova (“London Rain,” “Heart & Shoulder”). Tiffany’s voice is like the fragile beauty of butterfly wings, like smoke rising from a candle, the flutter of a lash on a flirting young girl – enticing but never vulgar. Impressive.


“Know Your Worth,” has a nice upbeat focus with catchy guitars & Tiffany’s distinctive vocal that’s perfectly suited for this kind of music. “The Waiting,” is another. While the majority of songs are well-written & performed there’s nothing terribly different from what’s out there already.

However, it’s how these are sung that makes a difference. Tiffany’s vocals are the attraction. Far warmer & sultry at times. Borderline bluesy that grabs the ear. She has good tonality & her inflection/phrasing is striking. “Wanted It To Be” is slow & reminiscent of the late Eva Cassidy. Pristine & lovely song with ample sincerity.

Produced by Kentucky-based Duane Lundy (Ringo Starr/Sturgill Simpson) who adds keyboards to All Those Days of Drinking Dust (Drops Aug 19–Independent). The CD has many good melodies in its 35-minute showcase. “When I Come Back Around,” is good & “Don’t Give a Damn,” (has lots of product placement in the lyrics).


There are no full-throttle country rockers or burn burners. No decorated hokum ala Dolly Parton, Reba McIntyre pop-country, Taylor Swift cotton candy, but yes, closer, much closer to Loretta Lynn’s sensitivity, sophistication & motivation. Williams prefers the melancholy route with its subtle lyrics, poignant melodies & songs that reach the heart long before they reach the feet (“No Bottom”).

Musicians featured are J. Tom Hnatow (bass/acoustic, steel & electric guitar), Tripp Bratton (percussion), Justin Craig (acoustic & electric guitars/keys), Ellie Miller (fiddle), Taylor Shuck (banjo), Ben Sollee (cello) & best-selling novelist Silas House (vocals on “When I Come Back Around”).

What will be found in this collection is delightful songs that will satisfy & have enough ingenuity in them to keep a listener coming back.

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