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REVIEW: Fantastic Cat “The Very Best Of”


Fantastic Cat – The Very Best Of (Blue Rose Music)

It’s been a while since we last heard a truly great supergroup, a phenomenon that seems to have disappeared as of late. But Fantastic Cat more than making up for the drought with the catchy 10-track The Very Best Of

The group is comprised of four solid singers: Don DiLego, Anthony D’Amato, Brian Dunne and Mike Montali and the combination of the quartet is wildly addictive, careening in an out of Americana, folk and pop for once of the most impressive debuts so far this year (and I say debut, hoping that this is far from being their only release).

The opening track, “C’mon Armageddon” has a strong classic Dylan vibe, while the very next song, “New Year’s Day,” is a completely different feel, steering into grittier piano pop. The four recorded the album in the Poconos which seems appropriate given the strong 1970s, unpretentious feel of the album. While each singer holds his own brilliantly, it’s the Dunne-fronted songs (like “Nobody’s Coming To Get You,” “Fiona” and “The Gig”) that are among the clearest standouts here, building nicely on last year’s criminally underrated Selling Things.

The powerful “Wild & Free,” sung, I believe, by Montali (they go out of their way not to mention who is singing each song) sounds like Springsteen at one of his saddest moments. It’s contrasted perfectly by the upbeat and sunny “Amigo.” In addition, all four harmonize throughout making for a beautiful effect weaved in and out of almost every song here.

 The band is selling tickets to a July 29 show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom show. If there is any justice in this world, this would bethe first in a series of shows, followed by another record. Even the Traveling Wilburys gave us two albums (and The Highwaymen gave us three).

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