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Song Premiere: Deidre McCalla “I Do Not Walk This Path Alone”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Diedre McCalla’s song “I Do Not Walk This Path Alone,” from her recently released album Endless Grace. The album was produced by Julie Wolf (Indigo Girls) with additional production by Nino Moschella & Vicki Randle (Jay Leno’s Tonight Show Band); recorded by Nino Moschella and Cole Williams with additional recording by Julie Wolf; mixed by Nino Moschella and Julie Wolf; with executive producer Deidre McCalla.

Musicians on the song are McCalla on vocals; Gawain Matthews on acoustic and electric guitars and dobro;  Daniel Fabricant on acoustic bass;  Julie Wolf on Fender Rhodes and Hammond B3;  Nino Moschella on drums; and Vicki Randle on percussion and background vocals.  

The video was created by Irene Young.  For reference, Irene is a musician who has captured Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega, Judy Collins, Laura Nyro and more on film (  For pure inspiration with strong, pretty harmonies supporting McCalla’s rich vocals, we suggest this song.  The video is a film short of McCalla and the band recording — all exuding warmth and joyful smiles– while she sings gratitude for the human chain of support in life, and the spiritual comfort that’s there for the asking.  

Except for a two-year stint as lead guitarist in a six-woman jazz rock band, I have been a solo performer for all of my career. Even as I was writing “I Do Not Walk This Path Alone” I was struck by the irony of me singing that line while alone onstage. Over the years I have arranged and rearranged this song experimenting with call and response sections and other methods of reshaping the energy and experience of the song for the audience.

Julie Wolf and Vicki Randle could hear not only what I was reaching for with this tune but also the many places my music comes from and offered me the opportunity to allow the song to breathe into a space wider than the rather small universe of the solo singer-songwriter-guitarist.

The video was shot during the actual recording process and you can see and feel the love, energy, and respect for the song and the moment the players all brought to the track. This is what making music is about. — Deidre McCalla

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