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REVIEW: The Bacon Brothers “Erato”


The Bacon Brothers – Erato – EP

Though they consider this their 11th release it’s an extended play (5-tracks). Not a full album of originals but nonetheless actor Kevin Bacon (“Tremors,” “Jayne Mansfield’s Car”) always makes time to team up wonderfully with his Emmy-winning composer brother Michael to continue their quarter-century musical partnership to play, record & perform together – and they do it well.

Their repertoire is a respectful blend of standard rock, a little soul, country that afforded them the excitement of having played Carnegie Hall, the Grand Ole Opry, venues in Japan & other Americana landmarks.

The first cut was written by the Bacons with additional contributions by songwriting legend Desmond Child with Void Stryker. The minor-key rock ‘n roll & modern-day pop of “In Memory (of When I Cared),” a title that reeks of wanting to hear what they’re singing about is a great tease. The duo’s road band backs them here & it’s an engaging piece. The duo has elevated themselves to a strong-arrangement style similar to Lowen & Navarro’s masterful “Cry.” A precise expressive team that only ended due to the untimely death of Eric Lowen from ALS in 2012.

Kevin wrote 3 more songs & Michael contributed one. Individual tracks were produced by Joe Nicolo, Kevin Bacon & one by Kevin’s son Travis on Erato (Drops July 8-Independent). Erato in Greek religion is one of 9 Muses. The patron of lyrics, hymns & erotic poetry. Often seen playing the lyre. The Bacon Brothers take a page from the Santana album LP title book – theirs is just as exotic as Abraxas.

Recorded at various cities in studios in Pennsylvania, Los Angeles & Atlanta the 5 songs showcase the duo at their diverse peak. Harmonies, atmospheric acoustics & some island pop music merge to make it all an entertaining whole. These songs seem to come from unexplored areas which are to The Bacon Brothers’ credit — a challenge good musicians should take.

Bacon Brothers

Songs such as the soulful “Dark Chocolate Eyes,” the title tune “Erato,” & “Karaoke Town,” are all rendered in the pristine Bacon Brothers style. Growing up the team listened to & absorbed the popular Philly soul singers & classic rock bands.

“Let Me Happen To You Girl,” is less intriguing but more danceable. It’s more island-influenced yet, not necessarily a reggae tune, but has that good time calypso-type energy that runs through it. Lovely female vocalists lend lots of water-color hues to a bright almost zydeco-type arrangement. It has it all & it’s a fun listen.

Photo courtesy of Bacon Brothers website. The CD cover art was drawn by Kevin Bacon. Available @ Amazon +

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