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Video Premiere: Sweet Megg “My Window Faces the South”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Sweet Megg’s version of the 1937 song “My Window Faces the South,” a Western Swing classic.  This is the title track from her album due to be released in September via Turtle Bay Records.  The album was engineered by Roger Moutenot; mastered by John Baldwin; produced by Scott Asen; arranged by Sam Chess and Mike Davis and recorded at The Studio Nashville. The album’s graphic design was done by Meredith Harte and album photography is courtesy of Natia Cinco.

“My Window Faces the South” is Sweet Megg on vocals; Chris Scruggs on steel guitar; Billy Contreras on fiddle;  Mike Davis on trumpet; Ricky Alexander on saxophone; Sam Chess on trombone; Dennis Crouch on bass; Dalton Ridenhour on piano and Chris Gelb on drums.

The video was filmed and edited by Matthew Farrell and footage was recorded at GK Heaven Hill Farm in Wartrace, Tennessee.  Hurry and feed the chickens, let the horses out in the lightly snowy fields, and get your chores done before the music starts, then enjoy this timeless, country video that captures the heart of the 85 year old song.  Sweet Megg’s version of the song, her music in general with the style and the horn arrangements, is jaunty and countrified and very enjoyable.

The video was really fun to make. My cousin owns a beautiful farm in Tennessee where I escaped during COVID. She is another Jersey girl who lives in Tennessee. We both are clashes in that we love our Jersey roots, fancy clothes etc but we both for some reason feel a lot more at ease out in the country and in the South. It seemed like the perfect setting for the video. She shows horses down in Wartrace so my brother, Matthew Farrell, who does all our video work at Turtle Bay, thought it would be great to have me dressed in my wacky Sweet Megg clothes and her in her riding gear and we both do farm work around Heaven Hill. — Sweet Megg

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