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Video Premiere: Mike Aiken “Real Mean Dog”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Mike Aiken’s song “Real Mean Dog,” which was mixed and mastered by Skip DeRupa, and produced by Mike Aiken.

Musicians on the song are Mike Aiken on guitar and vocals; Amy Aiken on drums and vocals; and David Roe on bass.

The video was edited by Thomas Vanni, with camera footage by Lee Briggs and Amy Aiken, and it was produced by Northwind Records.  Fans were asked to submit pictures of their own “real mean dogs,” to appear as part of this project.  The song is a bit of a tongue-in-cheeky complaint that when the relationship dust had settled, all he was left with was a real mean dog.  The video carries on those intentions in a whimsical, folksy fashion, with lots of dogs that are mostly doing their best to appear at least serious.

“Real Mean Dog” was a ball to record. We tracked it very stripped down, just one guitar, bass, drums and two vocals. Shooting the video gave us a chance to have fun with the interplay between the one who is leaving the one left behind with the real mean dog. I had never met the German Shepherd before we shot the end clip and when she swings her head up to my face I wasn’t sure what to expect! — Mike Aiken

Find the music here: http://orcd.co/realmeandog

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