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Video Premiere: Katy Guillen and the Drive “Discoloration”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Katy Guillen and the Drive’s song “Discoloration,” from their forthcoming album Another One Gained, due to be available on August 19.  Another One Gained was recorded at Invisible Creature Studio in Los Angeles, CA; engineered and mixed by Kevin Ratterman; produced by Kevin Ratterman, Katy Guillen, and Stephanie Williams; and mastered by Shelley Anderson at Black Lab Mastering in Louisville, KY.

Musicians on the album are Katy on guitar and vocals; and Stephanie Williams on drums. The video was produced by Khitam Jabr. “Discoloration” has a syncopated rhythm and a blurry electric guitar distortion as the story unfolds outward from the darkness inside.  The video parallels the song’s movement toward healing as it moves from darkened shadows to the dawn of glorious ocean waves rolling in.

The video for ‘Discoloration’ was directed by a very close friend of ours, Khitam Jabr. We handed her the creative reins, and it’s ultimately her interpretation and emotional response to the song, which I felt was eerily spot on. The song is about working through a heavy and overwhelming depression. Eventually there is a moment of clarity and reawakening, which is visually represented when the beach scene enters. “The beach came to me when I read the lyrics; that’s the visual that hit me initially. I feel like water always represents a rebirth of some sort” said Khitam. She identified with the lyrics and mood so closely that she created what I think is a beautiful visual companion for the song. — Katy Guillen

Order the music here: https://kgandthedrive.ffm.to/discoloration


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