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Song Premiere: Bob Frey “A Restless Heart and a Troubled Mind”

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Bob Frey — “A Restless Heart and a Troubled Mind”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Bob Frey’s song “A Restless Heart and a Troubled Mind,” the lead track from his new album Ghost, due to be available this week. The album was recorded, engineered, and produced by Corey Hess of Cedar Tone Sound Recording studio. The front and back cover photos on the album are by Marc Conklin.

The track “A Restless Heart and a Troubled Mind” was written by Bob Frey (BMI). It’s Frey on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Rachel Calvert on violin; and Marc Conklin on electric guitar.  The violin carries the melody significantly over Bob Frey’s winsome vocals on this project.  It all sounds so timeless and even a little like Dylan.

When I first wrote this song, I immediately wondered,” Are there any other songs with this title?” It sounded so classic, surely a song with this title had already been written, right? An old Hank Williams song, maybe a Gram Parsons effort? But, I was quite pleased when a little digging yielded no songs with this title. It’s a timeless story of love gone wrong and I feel like I happened upon a melody and a title that go really well with the story. — Bob Frey

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