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Video Premiere: Sophie and the Broken Things “Heavy Metal”

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Sophie and the Broken Things — “Heavy Metal”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Sophie and the Broken Things’ song “Heavy Metal,” from their recently released album Delusions of Grandeur. The album was produced by Twon Haugen, Ryon Westover and Sophie Gault; engineered by Ryon Westover; mixed by Ray Kennedy; and mastered by Chris Frasco.

The video story is courtesy of Twon Haugen. The video was directed, edited and co-produced with cinematography by Mikayla Lewis ( Be Reel Co. Multimedia). It was also co-produced by Jason “Shakes” Hostetler, Twon Haugen, Sophie Gault, and Petaluma Records. The production crew was Alex Züg and Jacob Züg.

There’s a full cast of actors in the video!  It stars Sophie Gault as herself; Jones Kolbinsky as Mr. Americana;  Alex Davis, Tyler Marbarry, and Jackie Shea as Heavy Metal Folk; Adam Meisterhaus as Guitar Hero;  Caleb Hayden Christopher as Bartender; Twon Haugen as Bassist; and Lemuel Hayes as Drummer.  Extras are Rose Berry, Roberto Cahoa, Ben Douglas, and Walter Suggs.

Musicians on “Heavy Metal” are Lemmy Hayes on drums and percussion; Twon Haugen on bass and backing vocals; Jules Belmont on electric guitars and 12-string acoustic guitar; Micah Hulscher on keys; and Sophie Gault on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Watch Sophie hang gig flyers for the performance, and walk right into the beloved 5 Spot in East Nashville.  Enjoy the merrymaking of this video’s tale of weary souls and disagreement, but moreover, enjoy Sophie’s gritty, flinty vocals.  She sounds a bit like Lucinda in this one.  As for the plot, can music bring folks together?  Will the country hipster and the heavy metal bangers find a way to enjoy plain old good slide solos and good music together?  Or are our differences insurmountable? Watch and see.

It was a really fun video to make, everyone involved had positive attitudes. Twon Haugen had come up with this idea of East Nashville hipsters facing off with metal heads. I asked a few friends and acquaintances from around town to come and be extras. Someone who had just been to a show and bought the album volunteered to be an extra, which was pretty cool. Of course, it was brilliant working with Mikayla Lewis and Jason “Shakes” Hostetler. It turned out looking a lot like an old MTV video which I love.

I wrote the song with Michael David Thomas, who is an Australian singer songwriter. He was visiting Nashville the first summer I lived here and we met at Belcourt Taps because I was waiting tables there. The song started out as a joke—one of us had said “I’m not in the mood for a sad slow song, I’m in the mood for heavy metal” and we had two verses and a chorus right away. — Sophie Gault

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