REVIEW: Silver Lining “Go Out Nowhere”


Silver Lining – Go Out Nowhere

If you take some vocal coloring from Abba & mix generously with equal parts of Alison Krauss & Union Station you might just pour out the incisive musical beauty of Norway’s Silver Lining.

The surprising thing is this works as genuine Americana on their sophomore CD. It has a heartland sound that stops short of being too sugary, or pop-oriented. The pedal steel guitars are savoring on “Your Everything,” & “Frosty Hands.” There’s nothing here that’s not Americana even though it originates miles away in Norway. It confirms that the musical genre is in a word — universal.

The music transcends geography, borders & language. It’s a feeling, a spirit with rural soul. All of this is typical of Norway. The music’s consistently fresh though I’d use less synths. No swirls of electronics are necessary to keep this music traditionally pure & inspired.

With a wonderful lead guitar highlighted on “Go Out Nowhere,” lead male vocalist Halvor Falck Johansen (vocals/acoustic-electric guitars/synth) provides an effectively inspired Dylan-like tonality.

What’s interesting is how the band creates their less-than standard American-style stories. This is what makes their showcase viable & original. There’s a harmony approach that’s more Euro-flavored that never interferes in the presentation. Melodies are catchy, inventive & while not as dusty, rusty & transformative as American productions their avoidance of country-roots-oriented cliches is what makes it all admirable.

With an impressive quality the vocals whether singing in unison or solo (“Awake”) invigorate the 10-cut 38-minute CD Go Out Nowhere (Drops May 13–Die With Your Boots On Records). Boundaries never rears its ugly head in arrangement or presentation. There’s a notable creative difference however, in theme, discipline & circumstance of these “foreign” Americana pieces.

This is reflected gently in the construction. “I Can’t Stay,” is a lovely ballad with a good vocal. It’s more commercial in nature & radio-friendly. There was an English band in the late 80s that came close to this style – T’Pau. They had success in the UK & parts of Europe & left behind an impressive catalog.

Silver Lining

“Time,” while not too rootsy is a fine rock song with near-choral singing of Stine Andreassen (vocals/acoustic-electric guitars/Mandocaster & sub-bass) & Live Miranda Solberg (vocals/acoustic-electric guitars/piano/organ & Glockenspiel). The CD was produced by Yngve Saetre (piano) the band includes – Bjornar Ekse Brandseth (electric guitars/pedal steel & dobro), Kim Age Furuhaug (drums/percussion), & Chris Holm (bass).

An exciting listen is “Days Like These” & “Master of Disguise,” — exceptional with its blend of The Roches & Canada’s McGarrigle Sisters. This is the silver in Silver Lining.

Color image: Julia Marie Naglestad. Sample songs & CD @ Bandcamp

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