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Video Premiere: Doug Collins “Drinkin’ Again”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Doug Collins and the Receptionists’ song “Drinkin’ Again,” from their forthcoming album Too Late at Night, due to be released June 24. “Drinkin’ Again” was produced by Doug Collins and Rob Genadek; mixed and mastered by Rob Genadek; and recorded at Uptown Sound (Minneapolis, MN).

“Drinkin’ Again” was performed by Doug Collins and the Receptionists. That is: Doug on guitars and vocals; Charlie Varley on bass and vocals; Randy Broughten on pedal steel; Billy Dankert on drums and vocals; and Rob Genadek on background vocals.

The video was shot at Palmer’s Bar in Minneapolis, MN. Palmer’s Bar is a renowned music bar  — legendary folk/blues acts like Spider John Koerner and Bonnie Raitt hung out there– now owned by Tony Zaccardi (Romantica, Eleganza). It was the first venue that Doug Collins and the Receptionists played when venues started to open up again. The video was shot, directed and filmed by fellow Americana songwriter Eli Gardiner.

What better way to handle frustration in the snow than by ducking into your neighborhood saloon?  Doug Collins and the Receptionists present this feel-good rockabilly number to lift your spirits, and raise a glass to pedal steel and “getting over it.”  Doubly appreciated as we step out again after prolonged lockdown.  Enjoy the merriment, and appreciate the talented gift of this band.

It was a cold winter weekday between Christmas and New Years, and Tony Zaccardi, the owner of Palmer’s Bar, the famed Minneapolis West Bank hangout, was gracious enough to let us film our video there. It’s a song about bad habits meeting up with heartbreak, but being able to get friends and family there to help us shoot this during difficult times… well, it was pretty damn special. — Doug Collins

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