Video Premiere: Mickelson “Go to Bed Hungry”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Mickelson’s song “Go to Bed Hungry,” from the recently released album Known To Be Unknown.  Known To Be Unknown was written, performed, engineered, and produced by Scott Mickelson.  Musicians on the album include Scott, with drums by Frank Reina; cello by Sadie Mickelson; trombone and tuba by Luke Kirley; and  trumpet by Cayce Carnahan.

In the video, Scott  plays guitar and sings vocals), with Adam Rossi on keys and Rick Hardin on harmonies.  The video was recorded live at AR Audio in San Francisco. Ken Newman shot the footage; then it was edited and mixed by Scott Mickelson.

“Go To Bed Hungry,” lyrically, is a tongue in cheeky analogy to keeping the sexier, spicier parts of life afloat, but it carries a more serious tone musically and in the vocal delivery too.  “It’s a carousel conversation.”  There’s something kaleidoscopic, and “spinning carousel”-like in the arrangement of this song.  You need to listen to experience it.

I have been with my wife since we were teenagers and am truly blessed.  After being together for many years it can be a challenge to keep that fire burning as they say. It can at times be replaced with other distractions. In ‘Go To Bed Hungry’ I playfully blur the line between food, drink and sex. Choosing to ‘eat’ or not eat. Over or under-imbibing. This is a reminder to stay focused on each other. It’s easy to let things slip away if you don’t. — Mickelson

Order the music here: https://mickelson.bandcamp.com/

Please note that there will be a tour throughout the UK in July, in Germany and the Netherlands this fall 2022.


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