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Song Premiere: Lauren Anderson “Still Here”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Lauren Anderson’s song “Still Here,” from her new LP Burn It All Down, due to be available on September 9th.   Burn It All Down was produced by Lauren Anderson Band and Taylor Lonardo; engineered, mixed and mastered by Taylor Lonardo; and recorded at Taylor Lonardo Studios.  The song will be released on April 22.

“Still Here” is Matt Doctor on drums; Hutch on bass; Dan Wecht on guitar; Johnathan Smith on keys; and Lauren Anderson on vocals.  Lauren has the powerful vocal delivery of a definite grown-up, which is very nicely blended with the powerful bluesy songs she creates.  This one has her stumbling and falling, but picking herself us, she’s still here (and she ain’t going nowhere), all to easy rhythms and a killer electric guitar solo. Amen to that survivor’s sentiment.  Try her music, you’ll be rewarded.

This song is about feeling like it’s sometimes impossible to do what you want to do, but you continue to try. The song paints a picture of things you can see but can’t touch, smell, etc. and draws a comparison to the moon that you can see during the day time; it’s lost its light but it’s still here. — Lauren Anderson

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