Artists’ Limelight: Brey “IMU”

Artists' Limelight


Americana Highways is hosting this song by Brey: “IMU,” the acronym for I Miss You, available now via Cosmic Wire.  It was produced by Jerad Finck, and mastered by Hans DeKline.

Brey has previously recently released the highly popular single, “Getaway Car,” with over 330,000 Spotify plays to date.  And her latest creation, “IMU,” shows an even deeper level of inventiveness than its predecessor.

“IMU” opens as a bouncy electronica intro with a darkness quickly descending; there’s a ton of creativity in this clever song as it drives toward the core of longing.

The thought of her lost love is haunting through everything she does and the song embodies that feeling.

This song is along the indie pop edge of musical genres, with a decided emphasis on pop.  It also happens to possess a undeniably catchy hook and chorus, and we predict that the song absolutely will find its way into the playlists, on repeat, of many popular music fans.

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