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Video Premiere: The Holy Child “Sweet Release”

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The Holy Child — “Sweet Release”

Turquoise mountains slowly pulse as vocalist Robert Alarcon appears with a bundle of sage. The Holy Child has been working tirelessly over the past few months to self produce their own in-house music video and navigate the landscape of DIY promotion.

Keyboardist Johanna Alaracon and percussionist Fernando Sanchez wave rich smoke as bassist Ezekiel Zimmerman and rich organ tones groove into the mix.

“Sweet Release,
My minds fixated on escaping,
These narrow claustrophobic ideologies I’ve built.”

The single unpacks a lot of emotions that have been building up for the past three years. Prior to the disruption in society caused by disease, the competitive nature of the entertainment industry was charging full steam ahead in Austin, Texas. While the dust settled and everyone took a pause, The Holy Child took time to reflect on family life, utilize resources available from local non-profit organizations and city educational programs, and learn some aspects of the business to build a larger outreach.

“I’m one leg in and one leg out lord,
So hard to pick a side,
Delirium of my own making,
Playing tricks on my own mind.”

The lyrics were born out of the struggle to balance the responsibilities of adulthood, while also struggling to find time to pursue your passion in life. Alarcon finds hope as the song builds in energy and the group finds their “Sweet Release.”

“Maybe the last hour of your day can be your passion,” Robert Alarcon said.

Alarcon utilized educational programs from the Austin Music Foundation, along with online content from Damian Keyes to form an online campaign that released portions of outtakes as promotional material.

“Maybe it’s just a little blip,” Alarcon said, “but I can see the difference in how it’s working.”

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