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Album Premiere: Roxi Copland “I Come From Crazy”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere stream of Roxi Copland’s album I Come From Crazy, set for release on April 8.  The album was produced by Roxi Copland and Justin Douglas; recorded by Justin Douglas at King Electric Recording Company in Austin, Texas; then mixed and mastered by Steve Capp in Detroit.

Musicians on the album are Roxi Copland on vocals, piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 and piano; 
Devin North on electric and upright bass; Adam Nurre on drums and tambourine; Warren Hood on fiddle; and Justin Douglas on acoustic and electric guitars. 

This EP has a real sassy swagger running through it. “Two Shots In” chronicles the “two fists up” ferocity that comes on when you’re two shots in.  “I Come From Crazy” is a song that is truly timeless, and is a perfect title track for an EP that will hit home with a lot of people who also come from crazy.  I Come From Crazy confronts a range of emotional struggles and each song on the album is a look in the mirror, and very well worth the listen.

When Covid hit in March 2020, I watched a hundred shows fall off my calendar within the span of a couple weeks, like countless other musicians around the world. As someone who makes a living playing live shows, that was absolutely terrifying. When it became clear that this wasn’t a short-term thing, I realized that I had to figure out a way to continue being creative — that if I didn’t, the depression that had bubbled up when all those shows disappeared was going to get the upper hand. I was watching a lot of standup comedy at the time, because I badly needed to laugh. And that found its way into my writing with songs like “I Come From Crazy,” “Two Shots In,” and “Daddy Don’t Do Politics.” On the other hand, my depressed side was responsible for the southern gothic arrangement of “House of the Rising Sun.” At the end of the day, I think the record is a reflection of the huge range of emotions that we were all feeling at the time. It was my way of both channeling and escaping those emotions. Likewise, I hope “I Come From Crazy” can give folks a little musical escape, in whatever way they need it — whether that’s to laugh, cry, or love. — Roxi Copland

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