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Song Premiere: Edie Carey “The Chain”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Edie Carey’s song “The Chain,” from her forthcoming album The Veil, which will be released on June 3.  The song will be available on March 18. The Veil was produced, engineered and mixed by Scott Wiley at June Audio Recording Studios (Provo, Utah) with assistant Engineers Maren Belnap and Jakob Augat.  It was mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering.

“The Chain” is Aaron Anders on drums; Stuart Maxfield on bass; Scott Wiley on electric guitar and programming; Edie Carey on acoustic guitar and vocals; John Standish on piano; Chad Truman on Hammond B3; and Megan Burtt on backing vocals.   Edie Carey’s plaintive vocals will give you pause, and invite you in to that still place where you can safely ask yourself tough questions from within a tense relationship: “will I ever be enough for you”?  Kudos on a solid song by Carey and Burtt.

My friend and fellow Colorado songwriter Megan Burtt and I wrote “The Chain” in my kitchen here in Colorado Springs last October. She drove down to hang out and we weren’t even sure we’d have time or be in the headspace to write, but over lunch we started talking about those relationships in our lives where we feel we never quite measure up, no matter what we do to try and prove ourselves.

I remember the 2nd day in the studio when Stuart Maxfield (bass) and Aaron Anderson (drums) were laying down the basic tracks for “The Chain,” and how they somehow made the open, simple chords in the song’s intro sound like of the beginning of something vital, like change or revelation. I also remember thinking in that moment how incredible it was that this conversation with Megan in my kitchen just a few weeks before had somehow coalesced into one of those magical, heart-expanding moments in the studio where you can’t quite believe how lucky you are to write a healing song with a friend in your kitchen and then get to witness the magic of it becoming something real and tangible and beyond what you could have imagined. — Edie Carey

Order, pre-save, and listen to the music here: https://ediecarey.ffm.to/thechain



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