Caitlin Cobb-Vialet

Video Premiere: Caitlin Cobb-Vialet “Joan to Catherine”

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Caitlin Cobb-Vialet

Caitlin Cobb-Vialet as photographed by Dawn Lu

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Caitlin Cobb-Vialet’s song “Joan to Catherine,” which was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jim Greer, and recorded at The Rondo House.

“Joan to Catherine” is Caitlin Cobb-Vialet on piano, vocals, and synthesizer; Jim Greer on synthesizers, drum programming, percussion, and acoustic guitar; and Andrew St James on electric guitar.

The video was filmed by Jim Greer, directed and edited by Caitlin Cobb-Vialet, with colorizing by Sam Lasso.  This video conjures a medieval setting right out of a natural locale, and is a lovely tribute to Joan of Arc and Saint Catherine.  Cobb-Vialet’s songs create the powerful feel of desperation that confronts us all too often in life.

Joan of Arc was one of my quarantine fixations. I wrote ‘Joan To Catherine’ from the point of view of Joan of Arc about Saint Catherine of Alexandria, when Catherine is no longer appearing to Joan in her visions. In the song, Joan is losing faith, suddenly feeling insignificant without Catherine. Faith and religion stand in for love and purpose in this song. For this video, I was thinking about beautiful locations with a touch of a medieval vibe for a place to shoot. The colors and light of an outdoor setting kept coming up, and in the Berkeley hills there is an unmarked, secret trail into a ravine that ends at a beautiful waterfall. – Caitlin Cobb-Vialet

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