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Artist’s Limelight: Perfect Mark “Better Days”

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Perfect Mark has a lot of new music out in the past couple of years, all delivered in his sweet and naturally vulnerable falsetto.

Originally hailing from the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy, Perfect Mark (the stage name for Marco Perfetti) attended Berklee College of Music and performed for a time in NYC before more recently regrowing roots and settling in the Boston area.

Perfect Mark’s recently released song “Bed of Waves” won in the “AAA/Alternative” category of  the 2020 International Acoustic Music Awards.  Regarding that song, he said:

 “Bed of Waves” is a song that came out quickly and spontaneously. I saw a gorgeous photo of this man on the beach standing in front of the ocean. All you could see was his back, the sand and the sea. I felt like I was there, right behind him, and I just wrote the first lines: “it’s just you and me and the sea, I’m right behind you but you can’t see me, your eyes are lost in the blue infinity, but I’m here for you”. After that the rest of the song just poured out of me and it was done in 10 minutes! I love those moments of pure inspiration.  — Perfect Mark

This song “Better Days” was a single release in 2021, but is part of an upcoming album due out later this year. He has a vulnerability in his vocals that starts the song off on a wave of love and emotion that rolls gently through the song.  The song points to hope for better days, after inhabiting sorrow for some time without running away from it.  

He says of this song:

Last year I was getting so sad watching the news about Covid, and I thought I needed to sing something that had a positive and hopeful message. The first song that came to mind was “Better Days” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, a song that always puts me in a good mood. My guitarist came up with this gorgeous guitar arrangement, and I sang it in my room, as soft as I could. It’s been a hell of a couple of years, but I choose to look at the positive, and say that “Better Days” are on the way.  

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