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Video Premiere: Cheryl Cawood “Deep Down in Your Bones”

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Cheryl Cawood — “Deep Down in Your Bones”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Cheryl Cawood’s song “Deep Down In Your Bones,” from her upcoming album, Bullet in the Cabin Wall. The album will be available on May 20th, but the song will be released on March 11.

Musicians on the video are Cheryl Cawood on vocals; Jack Saunders on backing vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, tenor mandolin, and banjo; and Rick Richards on percussion. Sound on the video was produced and engineered by J. Saunders and mastered by Terra Nova.

The cover design is courtesy of Trace Deaton (@traceartography) with cover art by Wilburn Cawood, permission by Donna Cawood, and photos by Ray Redding

Cawood has mined a rich depth of songwriting ore, pulling the struggle from her very soul. 

“Deep Down in Your Bones” is a song about the troubled life of a mother and how it reflects on her daughter. Mother’s Day has always been hard for me. My mother was one of eight kids raised in a dirt floor cabin in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. By the time she was fifteen she proposed to my dad. There were too many mouths to feed. I’m pretty sure she was not happily married. So yeah, she made her share of wrong choices and hence, so did I. I don’t want you to think I didn’t love my mother. She was only human, not terrible. — Cheryl Cawood

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