Song Premiere: Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra “Knee High Socks”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Ross & the Blind Cafe Orchestra’s song “Knee High Socks,” from their forthcoming album Music in the Dark.  The album was recorded at Broadway Music Studios, Boulder; produced, mixed and engineered by Evan Reeves, and mastered by Brian Gardener.

“Knee High Socks” is Rosh on vocals; Sadie Trigg on harmony vocals; Eric Moon on piano; and Dango Rose on upright bass.   This song has a dreamlike quality of the contemporary indie folk style, as it explores natural beauty on a visceral level.  Enjoy the mood and the imagery, and the call and response:  “What happened to our plan?  Your plans, they swallowed me whole.”  Chilling.

There’s this ancient grandmother tree that watches over the courtyard at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado, where I was fortunate to study music, Tibetan Buddhism and contemplative psychology….

This ancient sycamore, known as the Naropa Tree extends out into what seems like two separate trees, expanding above the courtyard with enormous leaves…

If you lay underneath this tree… in the fall season of the year, on a windy day, and you lay there long enough, you’ll find yourself covered and colored in the autumn leaves.

You’ll find there are still the ghosts of two lovers from long ago still chasing each other who are still dancing, flirting, tangling and untangling up under the Naropa Tree.

The song gives a glimpse into how often two lovers could have completely different shared realities when they think they’re sharing the same reality or understanding of what the experience was… Often they assume the other person had the same experience or at least, a very similar one. — Rosh

Order the music here: or find it on streaming services.

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