Song Premiere: Dango Rose’s “A La Glory”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Dango Rose’s “A La Glory,” the title track from the EP album due to be released in the fall. A La Glory was produced by Evan Reeves and Dango Rose, and recorded at Elephant Collective Studios in association with UI Sound Studios in Boulder, CO, under the auspices of the Elephant Collective – a production house, artist development agency and conscious media platform. The album was engineered by Evan Reeves, Jackson Prince and Max Nordby, mixed by Pat Tracy, Evan Reeves, Phil Norman and Rob Gordon. “A La Glory” is Dango Rose (vocals, banjo, keyboards, electric bass), Evan Reeves (guitar, percussion, sound design), with MeKenzie Solidago and Jules Schroeder (vocals), Andrew Forbes (bagpipe), Dexter Payne and Colton Crandell (horns) with horn arrangement by Phil Norman.

The compelling acoustic and banjo introduction is only intensified by the somber chanting vocals. “A La Glory” is an earnest tribute to the circle of life and the solemnity of mortality; and the instrumental arrangement is uniquely executed to lift you to heights of grandeur on waves of intricate complexity.

“A La Glory” was originally conceived after the loss of a loved one. It was revitalized from an old songbook shortly after [Rose’s band] Elephant Revival decided to go on hiatus. “The world of appearances is rarely as it seems,” Dango explains. “Often times supporting pillars aren’t as recognizable as symbols painted on cathedral ceilings.” He adds, “I’ve been struggling to find acceptance. My identity was wrapped up in the success of the band. “A La Glory” represents my vacillation between extremes and is a testament to choosing love after things falls apart. — Dango Rose

A La Glory is the inaugural release on the Elephant Collective record label.

I’ve been searching for a new way for artists to band together with a unified sense of purpose. Starting a record label seemed like a logical next step, following the artist development and production work I’ve already set into motion. — Dango Rose

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