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Artist’s Limelight: Tar & Flowers “Spinning In Gold”

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Tar and Flowers

Tar & Flowers have a brand new album called, very aptly, “Western Symphony.”

Taylor Hungerford is the musician also known as Tar & Flowers.  He is adept at singing in a high register reverb in this unique blend of Western rhythms, pedal steel, electric guitar solos and a degree of dream pop style.

Tar & Flowers will transport you into the sunset with Western Symphony.

As he put it:

When coming up with a name for the album, I thought of what a symphony was; moreover, what one would be of a western nature. What I came to was something which I believe goes through the history of western music, from medieval ballads which became folk songs that mixed with Appalachian and blues music to arrive at country and rock, to our present day and beyond.

I hope you will find my interpretation of these musical forms well and take as much joy in listening to them as I did in making them. May you be transported on a stage to a long forgotten time, or one that has yet to be known. — Taylor Hungerford

Hungerford’s song “Spinning In Gold” is framed with a rhythm that immediately brings the gallop of horses to mind — an appropriate homage to the equestrian town where he grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California.  When the pedal steel and guitar come in, you’re all the way off in the expanse of the Wild West, enjoying the beauty and “spinning in gold.”

Hungerford’s wild and swift electric guitar solo chops are really showcased here on this early-release song. Check it out right here:


Find more of the artist’s music here: https://tarandflowers.bandcamp.com/

and lots more pictures and.information here: https://www.instagram.com/tarandflowers/?hl=en






This is a sponsored feature, because the album came out last fall.

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