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Song Premiere: Charlie Sutton “One-Eyed Trout”

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Charlie Sutton

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Charlie Sutton’s song “One-Eyed Trout,” from his forthcoming album Trout Takes, due to be available on March 4. The album was recorded at Mixed Metaphor Studios in Boise Idaho.

“One Eyed Trout” is Charlie Sutton on vocals, banjo, guitar, and harmonica; Dave Manion on dobro; Jason Beek on drums; Sam Alkire on upright bass; and Adam Straubinger on backing vocals.

“I swim with the junk fish in the murky river foam.”  You can see the lazy river and the brown of the river and the landscape as the song unfolds.  And you can feel the empathy with the creature.  Charlie Sutton reminds us that we’re all just muddling through, fishing at the local waterhole and trying to get by, with this whole project — so many metaphors.  And fish, too, are just trying to get by.

This is an original song about an outcast.  I was fishing a few years back and pulled a one eyed trout from the Payette, River in Idaho. He was covered in foam and had clearly been hooked where his eye was. I imagined his origins and it became clear to me he was an outcast. A renegade fish that sings his own dirge, “…belly up on the bank, flies buzz around my gills, I’m nothing but a carcass, some lucky buzzards meal.” — Charlie Sutton

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