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Video Premiere: The Pine Hearts “Ocean in Your Veins”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of the Pine Hearts’ song “Ocean in Your Veins,” from their forthcoming album Lost Love Songs, scheduled for release on February 18. The album was recorded and mixed by Bart Budwig;  produced by The Pine Hearts and Bart Budwig; and mastered by Telegraph Mastering. Photography on the album is courtesy of Grady Rawls, Joey Capoccia and Dean Shakked; with cover art by Erin McAdams and  album layout by Ben Hawkes.

Musicians on the album are Joey Capoccia on guitars and vocals; Derek McSwain on mandolin and vocals; Dean Shakked on bass and vocals; Lob Strilla on banjo and piano; Bevin Foley on violin;  and Bart Budwig on harmonies and trumpet.

The video was produced by Kevin Rainsberry. Listen to the Pine Hearts for the best harmonies ever and a catchy, jiggy bluegrass vibe.  Watch the video for lakeside and forest contexualization of the song. “You got, you got the ocean running in your veins.”

This song was inspired by The Shook Twins’ harmonies. I basically wrote a song that sounded, to me, like something they might write. Looking back at it, it’s clearly a song about drowning, though I do like the ocean…The extended “jam section” is meant for live shows, so we stripped it down a little bit for the recording, but it has the option for some free form. — Joey Capoccia

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