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Song Premiere: Elle Sera “Never Give Up”

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Elle Sera “Never Give Up”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Elle Sera’s song “Never Give Up,” from her forthcoming EP Little Fire, which will be available on February 25. Little Fire was produced and mixed by Asher Condit at Kingship Recording Company Electric.   The album was mastered by Alan Silverman with artwork by Elle Sera. Elle Sera provided vocals and guitar, and of course the songwriting; with other instrumentation by Asher Condit.

This is truly fresh songwriting that’s shiny and notable.  This song has a fantastic groove, and Sera delivers it with serious emphasis.  “Never give up on glory.”

Not unlike me to do this, but this one was written the night before going to the studio to record it and took under an hour to write. I got some great feedback when I played it in front of an audience for a test run a couple days later too. These past few years have been transformative for me as I dug into some soul and shadow work. This song(as well as the whole EP) gave me a place to feel riskier with my honesty and take it in new directions. This song acted as a reminder that the fight for who I was to become was worth the pain, heartache, confusion, tears and darkness because what was on the other side was a whole new me and hopefully a whole new way of seeing life and being in the world. — Elle Sera

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