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Song Premiere: Chris Haddox “Says You, Says Who, Says Me”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Chris Haddox’s song “Says You, Says Who, Says Me,” from his forthcoming self-titled album.  The album is scheduled to be available on March 25.  It was produced by Ron Sowell; engineered by Mark Poole, Ben Townsend, and Dan Bailey engineer; mixed by Dan Bailey and Ron Sowell; and mastered by Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN.

“Says You, Says Who, Says Me” is Chris Haddox on lead vocals and acoustic guitar; Julie Adams on harmony vocals;  Ron Sowell on acoustic guitar;  Johnny Staats on mandolin; Chris Stockwell on dobro;  Clint Lewis on bass and  Ammed Solomon on drums.

Sometimes you have to shrug off the drama in life, and in relationships in particular.  Should we take a step back and take it all less seriously?  That’s precisely what Chris Haddox suggests in this song, and it’s a very convincing perspective.  The message will lighten your heart and the stringed instruments will lighten your step too.

“Says You, Says Who, Says Me” began as so many songs do—in the midst of a conflict. In this case it was a long-term relationship that found itself in a trough, instead of on a peak. Not being one to easily throw in the towel, I wrote this matter-of-fact assessment of the situation–the causes for it, and the way out– as a conversation that played out in my mind in a very serious, yet cartoonish way. — Chris Haddox

Chris will be performing on NPR’s Mountain Stage March 27…here is the event link

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