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Song Premiere: Jon Danforth “I Still Miss Someone”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jon Danforth’s interpretation of Johnny Cash’s song “I Still Miss Someone,” from his forthcoming album.  The song was produced by Jon Danforth, Will Carmack, Josh Franklin, and Aaron Carpenter.  It was engineered by Josh Franklin and then mastered by Aaron Carpenter.  It all took place — recording, mixing, and mastering —  at Fifty50 Studios in Dallas.

This version of the song “I Still Miss Someone” is Jon Danforth on vocals; Will Carmack on electric guitar and bass; and Aaron Carpenter on drums and percussion.  Johnny Cash was such a legend that it’s a real challenge to take any of his songs and give them a new take.  But this is a nice success, adding a stripped down folk arrangement and some special, individual lyrical embellishments bring out new features in the song.  Give it a listen!

This is one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs of all time, and I have always wanted to record my take on it. My goal with this cover was to maintain the spirit of what Johnny Cash did in the original while infusing new energy with a more personal, emotional ending to the song. — Jon Danforth

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