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Song Premiere: William Russell Wallace “Roanoke (Resolution Blues)”

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William Russell Wallace — “Roanoke (Resolution Blues)”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of WIlliam Russell Wallace’s song “Roanoke (Resolution Blues,” from his forthcoming album Confidence Man. The album was recorded at the Tone Shoppe in Cincinnati, OH by Eric Cronstein; and at Heavy Meadows in Idyllwild, CA by Kenneth James Gibson.

“Roanoke (Resolution Blues) is William Russell Wallace on vocals and guitar; Travis Talbert on lead guitar; Eric Cronstein on bass; Brian Wright on piano; Jacob Sappenfield on drums; and Amanda Addy on vocals.  Wallace has a unique vocal tone that toys with your imagination, and he plays new country rock in a Springsteen and Petty-esque style.

This is a very important and personal song to me. I wrote it years ago, but never recorded a proper version until now. I lived in Roanoke, VA for most of my twenties. It’s where I first started playing in serious bands, where I started touring, where I lived when I met so many people who still mean so much to me. This song is a love letter to that town and those times and just being young and dumb and full of hope. And then, I suppose, also the melancholy and the lessons you learn when those dreams don’t work out. – William Russell Wallace

Find some merch and browse around his website, here: https://williamrussellwallace.bandcamp.com/merch

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